Believe me , It will grow on you as you play .

User Rating: 8 | Oneechanbara vorteX: Imichi o Tsugu Monotachi X360
OK !! , So I will end this really fast ... Onechanbara is a decent game, At first you get to chose if you want to play single player/offline co-op (Offline coop mutha fakkaa !! that's like heaven even if a game is disaster man .) And then you get to choose one of two characters (You could obtain items and clothes for them in game as-well) , So in the start of the game you know about the beginning of the story blah blah fight zombies and what-not , Then as you slowly complete three chapters , You shall begin to notice that the story is actually nice , Though I wouldn't ruin it for you .. Later on you unlock a third character (All of the girls could level up and you could add their points to their own ability status thingy ) And she's a police woman gunner , It's really fun to play with all three characters through-out the whole story , The bosses look really cool , The graphics do lack .. But who cares about graphics . In my opinion this game is fun , If you disagree without playing , You're just plain stupid . Rent it maybe ? , Play all the way to chapter 3 .. And then decide if you like it or not , Kthxbai c: .