User Rating: 1 | Oneechanbara vorteX: Imichi o Tsugu Monotachi X360
I love zombies, and I love video games where you can customize characters (especially if it stars a hardcore heroin). So when I saw it in my local GameStop, I thought, "Sweet! This game was made for me!"

Then I started to play it.

Let me just say this- I have played games where the girls breasts have bounced, but I mean... there boobs were defying every law of gravity, and laughing in those laws faces, saying "Ha ha! Look how high I jiggle!"...

And the story? Something about a little Asian girl needing to dress up in an undergarment set with a cowboy hat and a sword, while her little Asian sister wears a schoolgirl outfit.

I never got through to where I can dress my little Happy Hookers up, but I did play to where the third lady, Anna, came into play.

And she sucked just as hard. All in all, this game didn't appeal to me at all. I'm all for being locked in multiple courtyards with an unseemly amount of undead barrelling towards me (I loved "Zombie Revenge" on DC, for crying out loud!), but here... her boobs were the deal breaker for me. I was scared they alone would give me a seizure, or at least a slight anuerism.

I will bite the bullet. I have played some games that I know are craptastic and utterly loved them (BeatDown: Fists of Vengence, Zombie Revenge, Charlie's Angels, Spikeout). Either I'm getting older or these types of cames are just getting way too out of hand.

Verdict: That must be Jell-o, 'cos Jam don't jiggle like dat! Unless you're a 12 year old boy, this game straight SUCKS. Not even any guilty-pleasure potential.