Hey One Piece fans, this is a great game for you!

User Rating: 9 | One Piece: Pirates Carnival GC
One Piece: Pirate's Carnival is a game worth getting. First of all, i know that people would probably dislike this game because of the dubbing done the demon-ous 4kids Company, but that is no good reason, so you can't judge based on the what you hear. The game has great graphics, creative challenges and extends all the way to the Events of Enies Lobby, though for USA, they had to replace some things.
Examples- Franky = Buggy
Blueno = Panda-man
Kaku & Kalifa = Mohji & Cabaji
The game is a mini-game type game with 3 categories of mini-games. It allows you to play as the first seven straw-hat crew members, Luffy, Zoro/zolo, nami, usopp, sanji, chopper, and Nico Robin. the board game mode is very fun, it keeps your interest, and it almost every character from the beginning of the series to about the 200-th episode as either a crew member, a boss character, or as an anime version of a baseball card. over all, i'd give this game a 9.0.