If you like other Warriors titles then you will most likely like this also.

User Rating: 7.5 | One Piece: Kaizoku Musou PS3
Not a fan of the series but review won't have anything to do with that. No English dub which I wouldn't mind if alerts weren't popping up in the middle of battle that I had to read instead of hearing that another character needs help. Has a Main Log which is 1 player game that you unlock other characters and the multiplayer though. I had the Main mode. Mainly it pretty much alternates between action stages, musuo and boss. I hate action stages. They consist of puzzle and a bunch of quick time events that get old really quick. Luckily the multiplayer doesn't include the action stages and is real fun. The character are very different also. You don't get as many as the other warrior type games but it didn't bother me with the variety of moves for the characters.rnIf the game was in english I'd give it an extra point. Having to read chat bubbles during battle is very distracting. I also feel its 10 dollars too much since it doesn't have a dub and is download only in US. Don't factor that into the score. rnrnIf it was in English and didn't include those quick time events I'd bump it all the way to about an 8.8. I hated suffering through single player mode.