Decent game for the £25 i paid i am very happy, definitely the right style of game to do this one-piece manga.

User Rating: 7.5 | One Piece: Kaizoku Musou PS3
To be Brief would of loved to see more story arcs and move sets for other characters than luffy...totally enjoy smashing up 100's of foes with different characters and playing co-op with my cousin. also i really like the main log though it is relatively easy some parts in contrast were really difficult so it balances out. visuals are amazing and the animation is fitting can't complain graphically, whilst spending time collecting all the coins is fun and fitting for a pirate game as you find yourself trying to obtain all the treasures. There is quite a bit to keep you going considering each character can level up to 50 each. The story telling isn't great and even if you take the time to read the cut scenes you still are missing out on 500 pages of manga story telling and the game story fails to take you through the entire story missing out big parts to do with character development so you would never know much more about the characters other than their fighting style which for fans of this musou type games it could still be very enjoyable as many of my friends have told me how surprisingly good they found this and they've never heard of one-piece but love the thrilling fight action involved when joining me on co-op so don't care much about the story plot and manage to have fun and appreciate this wonderful game. As a fan you just want these games to last forever and luckily i still have much to accomplish and my friends help me to level up all the characters as they each have their favourites so it's still got me and them )non-manga fans) going.