One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. True Ending

    To unlock the True Ending first beat the game normally on any difficulty by completing Act 4-3. Then complete all available Crew Missions on any difficulty. Once this is done replay Act 4-2 and a new mission will appear during the level to "Convince Whitebeard". Complete this mission and finish the level to unlock the Final Act and the True Ending.

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  2. Movies unlockable

    One of the trophy (I'm ready for my close up) requires players to unlock all movies. Most movies will be unlocked automatically, but some movies can be missed for several reason, like not playing the correct character. Below is the list of unlockable movies. Some movies title have some spoilers to the game.

    Start the game 01. Opening Movie
    Prologue 1 02. The beginning of a New Adventure
    Prologue 1 03. Maxim Surfacing
    Prologue 1 04. The natural enemy of "God"
    Prologue 2 05. White Hunter Smoker
    Prologue 2 06. Prelude to Madness
    Chapter 1-1 07. The Raging "Iron Man"
    Chapter 1-1 08. The Man Who was Admiral
    Chapter 1-2, play as Luffy and meet Garp 09. Fist of Love (Missable)
    Chapter 1-2 10. The Marines' Greatest War Ability
    Chapter 1-3 11. Shadow Shadow Fruit User
    Chapter 1-3 12. First Son of the Sea Jinbei
    Chapter 1-4, play as Chopper and score 1000 K.O. 13. Want to be a Monster! (Missable)
    Chapter 1-4 14. Phoenix Marco
    Chapter 1-4, play as Smoker and meet Ace 15. Fire Fist Ace(Missable)
    Chapter 2-1 16. The Enforcer of Justice
    Chapter 2-1 17. Unexpected Helper
    Chapter 2-2 18. The Sand King
    Chapter 2-3 19. "Gatekeeper of Hell"
    Chapter 2-3, let Magellan invade home base(where Hancock stays). Don't capture any top area for easier invasion by Magellan. 20. Love-Love Mellow (Missable)
    Chapter 2-4 21. Ace and Teach
    Chapter 2-4, play as Marco, and don't attack Marine/red faction. Attack pirate/yellow faction until Garp arrives and meet him. 22. Legendary Marine (Missable)
    Chapter 2-4 23. Complete Justice
    Chapter 2-4 24. The Battle of Marineford
    Chapter 2-4 25. A New Threat
    Chapter 3-1 26. Feast of "God"
    Chapter 3-1 27. It's Now or Never Kuma
    Chapter 3-2 28. The World's Greatest Swordsman
    Chapter 3-2, play as Brook, and face Mihawk when he becomes Yellow faction member. 29. Soul King (Missable)
    Chapter 3-2, play as Luffy and face Zorro when he becomes the victory condition(he shows up at enemy main base). 30. Devilish Swordsman of the Triple Sword (Missable)
    Chapter 3-3 31. Raging "Devil Child"
    Chapter 3-4, play as Perona and defeat Usopp when Moria tries to escape. Defeating Usopp and Robin will clear the stage. 32. Negative Champ (Missable)
    Chapter 3-5 33. The Legendary Buggy
    Chapter 3-5 34. Raging "Gatekeeper of Hell"
    Chapter 3-6 35. Raging "Pirate Hunter"
    Chapter 3-6 36. Ragin "Black Leg"
    Chapter 3-6 37. Even if I Die, I'll Never Kick a Woman
    Chapter 4-1 38. Light and Thunder
    Chapter 4-1 39. The Nefarious Couple
    Chapter 4-2 40. Raging "Whitebeard"
    Chapter 4-2 41. Whitebeard Dies
    Chapter 4-2 42. The Pirate that Spurs Corpses
    Chapter 4-2 43. I Lose to No One
    Chapter 4-3 44. The Strongest Paramecia
    Chapter 4-3 45. Straw Hat Pirates vs Teach
    Clear chapter 4-3 46. Continuing the Adventure
    Chapter 4-2 47. Whitebeard Lives
    Chapter 4-2 48. The Power of the Dark Dark Fruit
    Chapter 4-2 49. "Dial" Rampage
    Final Chapter 1 50. "Surgeon of Death"
    Final Chapter 1 51. Raging "God"
    Final Chapter 2 52. The Final Battle
    Final Chapter 2 53. Raging "Blackbeard"
    Final Chapter 2 54. Power of the New Generation vs. Teach
    Clear Final Chapter 2 55. The Grand Finale

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  3. Free 500,000 Beli (Pirate cash)

    Simply start a game with save data from the first game on your hard drive to unlock a nice 500,000 Beli to start your shopping early.

    Start a new game with save data from the first game on your hard drive. 500,000 Beli

    Contributed by: DBMONKZERO 

  4. Trophies

    There are 23 Bronze Trophies, 13 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophy, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Cleared the first Episode. A new adventure is beginning!
    Acquired all Secret Coins. All the treasure in the world is mine!
    Collected your first Coin. Alright! I got it!
    Spent a total of 100,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop. Big spender!
    Total number of defeated enemies exceeds 100,000. Bring on a thousand more!
    Spent a total of 10,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop. Business is good!
    Cleared 5 stages each with 5 different characters. Come with me!
    Cleared the Prologue. From here on out is the New World!
    Cleared the Third Chapter. Getting back my captured allies!
    Acquired your first Secret Coin. Got something rare.
    Cleared 5 stages each with 20 different characters. He already has so many wonderful allies.
    Spent a total of 100,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop. I think I'll buy the world!
    Acquired your first skill. I'll only grow stronger.
    Defeated 500 enemies while in Style Action. I'm getting fired up!
    Acquired 100 or more Giant Meat. I'm hungry for some meat!
    Unlocked all movies in the gallery. I'm ready for my close-up.
    Acquired your first Skill Note. It's hiding a terrible power!
    Assembled 10 or more allies. Join my crew!
    Assembled 30 or more allies. Let's adventure together!
    Defeated a total of 10,000 or more enemies with Special Attacks. Like some sort of legendary monster!
    Acquired all Secret Coins in any single Main Episode. Look at this big haul!
    Defeated 10,000 enemies with Crew Strike. Luffy's true allies...
    Performed your first Style Action. My skills are all... evolving.
    Acquired 10 skills. My strength has grown!
    Cleared the Second Chapter. Now it's my turn!
    Cleared all Episodes on the highest difficulty level. People's dreams never die!
    Cleared 5 stages each with 10 different characters. Possessing tremendous power!
    All Trophies acquired! Rise to the top!
    Performed your first Crew Strike. Thanks! I owe you one!
    Obtained a True Ending. The Pirate King is the freest person on the seas!
    Cleared all Challenge Scenarios. There's only room for one Pirate King!
    Collected 100 or more different Coins. There's probably a lot more of these.
    Acquired a total of 100,000,000 Beli. This'll buy a lot of meat!
    Stunned the enemy 1,000 times. Unbelievable power...!
    Obtained a Normal Ending. Victory is mine!
    Unlocked everything in the gallery. We... know everything...
    Dodged a Style Action enemy's attack. What!? I missed!
    Collected 250 or more different Coins. Wow! He's amazing!
    Acquired 20 skills. You can count on me!
    Cleared all Crew Episodes. You're all my family...

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  5. Characters

    In order to unlock extra characters, complete the level listed on any difficulty.

    Act 2-4 Ace
    Final Act-2 Akainu
    Act 1-3 Brook
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Brook (2 years ago)
    Act 3-5 Buggy
    Act 1-3 Chopper
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Chopper (2 years ago)
    Act 3-3 Crocodile
    Final Act-1 Eneru
    Act 1-1 Franky
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Franky (2 years ago)
    Act 4-1 Garp
    Act 2-3 Hancock
    Act 1-2 Jimbei
    Final Act-1 Kizaru
    Act 3-1 Kuma
    Act 2-1 Kuzan
    Act 4-2, Must Rescue Whitebeard Law
    Available from the start Luffy
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Luffy (2 years ago)
    Act 1-4 Marco
    Act 3-2 Mihawk
    Prologue-2 Nami
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Nami (2 years ago)
    Act 2-2 Perona
    Act 3-4 Robin
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Robin (2 years ago)
    Act 3-6 Sanji
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Sanji (2 years ago)
    Prologue-2 Smoker
    Final Act-2 Teach
    Complete all Straw Hat Crew Missions, then Teach's Crew Mission Teach (Double Ability)
    Act 3-4 Usopp
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Usopp (2 years ago)
    Act 4-2, Must Rescue Whitebeard Whitebeard
    3-6 Zoro
    Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission Zoro (2 years ago)

    Contributed by: CRtwenty