An innovative game that was ahead of its time

User Rating: 8 | Omikron: The Nomad Soul PC
Omicron is a great title that deserves your attention. It has a few flaws that keep it back from becoming an all time classic, however this was one of the most original titles of 1999. Even after all these years this title has something special that makes it feel unique.

The world of Omicron is amazing. The city consists of 4 huge areas, each with its own unique style and architecture (+different textures and colours... keep in mind that there are a few smaller areas towards the end of the game that feel totally unique). The character models look a bit blocky and aren 't that much impressive by today's standards. However the graphics were amazing for '99 and still hold up until today. .

The first time that you 'll walk in the city of Omicron you 'll feel completely lost. It's such a huge place that you'll use your map all the time. In that aspect the game reminds me a bit titles like GTA ... you are in a huge place, you see people walking and talking to each other, spaceships fly above your head, there are shops, different apartments and places to visit. However this title has a more simplistic approach .

The feel of total freedom is the major benefit of the title. You can either follow your objectives and advance in the game or just wander around and have a fight for money, or find a few magic rings and appreciate the environment. The animation is sometimes average -as far as walking, running, the FPS sequences is concerned- and some other times quite good -during the fighting sequences there were a few nice moves and during the conversations the motion capture was great .

The sound is really top notch. Great sound effects, very good voice acting and brilliant music from David Bowie -he is in the game- that help in the creation of the "out-of-this-world" feeling that you 'll have while you 'll be playing the title. Omicron excels in that area .

As far as the gameplay in concerned there are three different modes in this title. First of all is the adventuring part of it, the best aspect of the title in my opinion (searching places, finding clues of what is going on, solving puzzles that require a bit of thinking, talking to characters in order to find your next objective). Then you have the fighting aspect of the game, which is extremely well done and has a variation of combos and special moves. Really exciting stuff for a title like this. And then there is the less spectacular FPS sequences, that feel a bit awkward and are at times frustrating (they add variation to the gameplay, although they don't feel as good as the rest of the title). .

The game is quite long in order to finish, it's a bit difficult (i suggest to change the difficulty in both fighting and FPS elements to "Easy" since the game is mostly about adventuring) and has a good replay value since it 'll take more than 50 hours in order to beat it. Keep in mind that you can transfer your soul into another character during the game and can have more than 20 different ids ,each with its own characteristics and special item (you can even visit their apartments and have their equipment or even listen to their private music (?!) ...)I just wish there were more special objectives and hidden missions in the title. Sometimes you feel that the world of Omicron is quite empty.

Great atmosphere , nice scenario that is quite original -the game is a gate that transfers your soul into another dimension-, brilliant music, a huge world to explore with a few gameplay problems and issues, that keep the game back from becoming a masterpiece or an instant classic. If you find it, buy it. It's worth your cash + it is very cheap nowadays (very original title and something different from the games that you are used of playing).