Tries to mash up city building and turn based strategy...falls short in both

User Rating: 6 | Omerta: City of Gangsters PC
I like Kalypso...I make no beef with it. Tropico is so much fun and a hilarious world building game. It has character and is a challenge. So when I saw the graphically unimpressive but meld of city building and turn-base strategy (a lost art these days) I thought that perhaps someone was trying to make a two tier game out of two awesome parts (like Creative Assembly does with tthe Total War series) and combine it into one game.

Sure the graphics didn't look great but at first I have to admit it has some artistic charm. And remember kids: Never judge a game based on graphics.

I was really really liking it at first. Omerta does a good job of bringing you into the world and teaching your bit by bit of how to play both the levels of game play and then it dawns on me. BOTH THE CITY BUILDING AND THE TURN BASED ARE PATHETICALLY EASY AND/OR BORING.

It's far more simplified than it should be. The city bulding is slow but nearly unlosable provided you don't spend all your money at first and keep a small amount of cash to pay your men.

The turn based has stats on your characters but only one inventory slot for a weapon or equipment. It's also illogical and either over or underbalanced. Some abilities are pointless (throw a grenade...and all your enemies get enough time to move out of why do it???) It just drives me nuts considering how Jagged Alliance Back in Action dropped the ball and then this??? Truly a lost art.

The story is funny (I like to beat up's cathardic)...albeit a little predictable and the art style, as mentioned, is charming so is the music and the voice acting is decent.

Bottom Line. Wait for it to drop in price if you like TBS. But it needs more polish and more detail. Lots more.