You know you have a problem when a game about organized crime is rated Teen. It has nothing in common with the Mafia.

User Rating: 2 | Omerta: City of Gangsters PC
They say you can not judge a book by its cover, but I guess you can judge a game by its ESRB rating. In recent years I noticed that almost all RPGs or TBSs/RTSs rated Teen are to be avoided, especially when they seem to tackle serious subjects. Omerta is one of those games that could have been deep and entertaining but falls short in everything, especially in credibility.
The graphics are 2000ish, rough edges, sloppy textures. The game animation is rudimentary. The level of details is very poor. And you would not have problem counting the animated objects. There are very few people or cars on the streets, The city seems lifeless. But those are not important as long as the game has substance.
Unfortunately it does not. You spend most of the time doing nothing but waiting for special offers, waiting for your henchman to return from a job, or searching for locations to set up your "business"... but that is hardly enough for a PC game. The management system in Omerta isn't a lot different from Mafia Wars, the browser game. The biggest issue I had with the game was the presence of non-italians (no-sicilians to be exact) and women in your ranks. If the game developers do not know basic things about La Cosa Nostra they should not advertise their game as a game about the Mafia. It is an insult to the fans (they could at least watch The Godfather...).
The way this game makes you manage your Crime Family is no different than managing your pizzeria in Pizza Syndicate.
When fighting the game turns to TBT, something like XCOM, if that comparison can ever be made. The camera is very restricted. Your men can't shoot from behind corners, they will not always hide behind furniture, you have a lot of problems getting them to decent position. Shooting is absurd and frustrating... they can miss 3 out of 4 shots from point blank range (the adjacent tile). Character development is 0, actually it is a mockery, you have a list of perks to choose from, not to mention that level ups are not based on experience. Unlike XCOM you have no customization for your crew, no clothes... not even weapons!!!
The story is dull and pointless, you do not know who you are exactly and what are you doing. You are apparently a Mafia boss but others seem to bully you around as they please. You jump from a part of town to the other doing assignments but nothing seems to remain... you do not build an empire, you build little economic islands which you abandon completely without even taking anything.

There are many things that could have made Omerta a worthy game... but eight now it is worse than a browser game and I really doubt anything can be done about it... It is just an unsalvageable piece of junk and it should be avoided.
The idea is amazing... imagine a game like XCOM but with gangsters, sending your team on missions, upgrading your base. improving your weapons and squad members. A decent story with blood, violence and honor... probably some day.