Road Trip Fun, otherwise, leave this game alone.

User Rating: 4.5 | Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996 GB
This is my first "retro-review" for old games that I have. I chose to start with the Nintendo Game Boy because....well I was about to go to sleep and thought that I might play through this game once. To start, I particularly enjoy playing this game. I have many memories from my childhood when I played with my brothers and sisters on road trips. However, this is just not the best game their is.


This is the one sole reason why I enjoy playing this game. The game is simply fun to play with some friends when you are waiting or just chilling. However, the game takes less than 10 minutes to play through all the Olympic events, and most the events are extremely repetitive and easy. There are 10 events, and most of them involve you having to push the A and B buttons repetitively very fast.


Despite this being a Game Boy game, this just looks terrible. The people are just outlines of a persons body, with no face whatsoever. There is no background and to put it simply, this game is just ugly.


The game features different music for each level. The tunes are kind of catchy and most people won't be too bothered by playing it.


This isn't a great game and I don't recommend it to anyone, unless they are willing to pay the few dollars that it is worth. I don't particularly treasure this game.


This is a fun game for a few occasions, but just go over to a friend's house that has it and play when you are bored.