Brush Gods, half-baked prophets, a little bug, and an awesome wolf. Mix all that together for a pretty sweet game.

User Rating: 10 | Okami WII
Okami starts with the narrator telling about how the great hero Nagi and a white wolf people called Shiranui defeated an eight-headed demon known as Orochi 100 years in the past in the land of Nippon. The story then jumps to 100 years later where a shadowy figure removed Nagi's sword Tsukuyomi from where it was placed and resurrected Orochi. A cursed zone covered the land, except for the village of Kamiki, where Nagi lived and carried Shiranui's body to 100 years earlier. The tree spirit Sakuya revived the sun goddess Amaterasu in order to remove the evil from the world, with the help of a little being named Issun. Later they found out that defeating Orochi, with the help of Nagi's descendant Susano, was only the beginning of their adventure.

In this game, you play as Okami Amaterasu as she travels throughout Nippon and meet very interesting characters like Priestess Rao, Princess Fuse, Mr. Orange, and Kokari. Some of these characters have Sidequests that you can do to earn praise, which helps you upgrade either your ink, your purse, your Astral Pouch (if you fill up your Astral Pouch with 200 food, you get an extra life), or Solar Energy (life). Most of the places you go to throughout the game have Monster Contracts, which, when you beat all the monsters on the list, you can earn something to power up your weapons.

One of my favorite things about this game is the music. I think the music sounds gorgeous. I put the soundtrack on my MP3 player and I've been listening to it as much as I can. There's music such as Giving Kushinada a Ride, place music, the boss battle music, and character music.

Another one of my favorite things about this game was the gameplay. The controls are almost the same as any other game, except there's a brush you can use to make a star in the sky, a Cherry Bomb, or draw a circle around someone to make them pet. That's only a few things the brush can do.

Another thing I love about this game is how it looks. Imagine that a Japanese painting of a white wolf with red markings and a trail with green grass and mountains far in the background was moving as if it was coming to life. That's exactly what the graphics in this game look like. You just don't notice it when your playing on the Wii until you're watching a cutscene.

One more thing I love about this game is the characters. Susano and Issun are very hilarious in my opinion. So is Amaterasu, especially when it comes to her reactions to certain situations and people. Waka, the prophet (Issun calls him the half-baked prophet), has some prophecies that are fruity, but, like all prophecies, they make sense after they happen.

The replay value is high. I've played this game three times (the first time I bought this useless move at the Dojo. Second time, I realized I forgot something and I was on a place I couldn't come back to. I beat the game the third time). I actually started it again after I beat it and I've been itching to play it again, but I can't.

This game is based off of Japanese mythology, but don't let that prevent you from getting it! Like I said before, Okami is highly addictive and a pretty sweet game. The music is awesome. The game looks beautiful, and the characters are very interesting and entertaining.