The most beautiful game ever for PS2

User Rating: 10 | Okami (French) PS2
I wanted to play this when it came out in 2006 but I have this thing about paying over $20 for a video game. I AM just that cheap. I paid $60 for the Galactic Edition of Spore when it came out (I caught it on Amazon the day they had the price wrong) and was really disappointed. So I almost always wait to find my games once they have been marked down. I am sorry I waited!

This game is worth the price they were charging when it was released. This is probably the most beautiful game I have seen on the PS2 (And yes I am that far behind on my game console technology). On top of looking great it plays great. It runs very smooth with a very high FPS rate.

Okami is a very interesting game with a great story line. The action is well done and the fighting style really lends it self to a gamepad. The use of the calligraphy brushes as weapons is ingenious and actually easier to master than I had thought it would be.

The game world is huge so you get lots of space to explore while fighting the monsters and completing the tasks you need to finish to play the game.

If I had a complaint it would be the way that they translated the voices. When the characters speak with the lead character that you play they have this kind of sing song gibberish that they speak to go along with the subtitles. It gets on my nerves a little bit I don't know if the original Japanese version was done this way to make it easier to create the international versions but the gibberish gets annoying.

If you have been waiting to play this one like I did, see if you can find a copy. I found it used at Gamestop for $15 which is about my sweet spot for games. You can also find it on ebay but it can get pricey there. Especially if you want a new un-opened copy. It can go as high as $85 for the Japanese import version.