Long time I have not played a Masterpiece like this,

User Rating: 10 | Okami HD PS3
I was not very sure about playing this game. It looked odd at that time, and the gameplay was something unusual.

My brother really recommended me to give a try to this game. I did a research in internet and the reviews were great in every single game review pages.

It was one of the best game in PS2 remastered HD for PS3. However, like every other HD game. It was not totally ported HD.

About the game. My first impression was that this game is odd given that it is drawn using a difference unusual technique. No voice is presented during the game so you have to read a lot (it is not an issue, just it is not a usual thing in today's game).

After playing a few hours, I got engaged. I couldn't stop playing it. The story takes you to an adventure so interesting and so deep that you want to follow it to its end. It took me like a 50 hours to beat it without completing all the side quests and achieving all the trophies. I have not time to playing games given the work and other responsibilities.

This was an adventure that everybody should experience. This was not a very famous game given that odd part I explained earlier but it is a masterpiece. Very well programed, very well drawn, excellent score (soundtrack), masterpiece story.

This is one of the best game I have played. (and I would like to notice that I have completed more than 100 games so far).

Go and get it tiger.

Thanks for reading.