I didn't find the 'magic' that other people felt for this game

User Rating: 6 | Okami HD PS4

I've never played the original Okami release but jumped right into the HD remake on PS4. People said it was a Legend of Zelda tribute game and was just as fun to play. I was let down.. horribly. For one, the game is so easy I never needed to use any of the items. Battles are uninspired and boring, leaving you in a circle arena to fight enemies that just require the constant jamming of square. As you play and slowly return the dead, dark world to a much brighter world filled with characters and happiness, you begin to feel everything seems very repetitive. Yes, you acquire a few new skills here and there but it's not enough to really feel powerful. I went through the game with all my items still just sitting in my inventory because I would rather not use them then to figure out what they do and go through the menu's and pause the action. The game doesn't use voiceovers which is fine but the annoying sounds characters make when talking to them is BAD. At least in the Legend Of Zelda an NPC might make a few sounds in a different alien language but it's not bad to read. These are just continuous sounds that are not fun to listen to. The world Okami is in is vast with some exploration which is cool to see because this game came out on PS2 so I imagine this was big for back in the day. The whole game just seemed like it was missing something though. I rated Okami HD fair, it does have some fun moments but overall it's nothing like the Legend of Zelda.