One of the best games for the Wii

User Rating: 10 | Okami WII

I got Okami for the Wii after reading reviews about how amazing this game is. I am glad that I did get a used copy from one the nearby Gamestop stores. Okami is about Amaterasu, the Japanese Shinto goddess of the Sun. One hundred years before the start of the game, Orochi terrorizes the village of Kamiki by dining on a maiden every year. Amaterasu takes the form of a white wolf called Shiranui and helps Nagi beat the eight headed serpent, Orochi. On the anniversary of the event, Orochi escapes his imprisonment. So Sakuya, the wood spirit, revives Amaterasu to stop the eight headed serpent again with the help of Issun, a bug sized traveling warrior artist.

The game has a story that keeps players interested. There is also a colorful cast of characters. The main thing that I love about playing Okami is the graphics. They are beautiful. I love how the graphics are based on Japanese art.

Amaterasu's main ability comes in the form of thirteen Celestial Brush techniques. She learns these techniques at various points in the game from her fellow Shinto gods and goddesses. I love using the Celestial Brush techniques. They can have various effects on the environment. Amaterasu uses her tail to paint the sun or moon on the sky to make it either day or night. Other brush techniques make use of plants, water, fire, and the wind. The main thing that I don't like about using Amaterasu's brush techniques is that the game thinks that you're trying to use a different technique than the one you're using because the brush techniques are activated by similar drawings.

Other than that, I highly recommend Okami. It is a very enjoyable game. The great story and zany cast of characters keep players entertained. The graphics look beautiful. Also, the music is great as well.