Okage: Shadow King Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Compatibility Gifts

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Favor Julia with wishy-washy responses
    A of Spades weapon
    Favor Mysterious Woman with apathetic answers Daymare Ring accessory
    Favor Rosalyn with heroic responses Gallant Rapier weapon
    Favor Princess Marlene with affection Reunion Outfit armor
    Favor Evil King Stan with evil responses Stat Boost (AP +5, DP +5)

    Contributed by: Falconesque 

  2. Double-Duty Accessory

    Usually, an accessory may only be equipped by one ally at time. The game includes a window of opportunity to gain double duty from an accessory, however. Before entering Madril Sewer at the end of Chapter 4, equip Ari with a mundane accessory, like Holly. Then equip Ari's allies (whether in the active party or not) with the best accessories. After emerging from the sewer in Chapter 5, equip Ari with an accessory already equipped by another ally. When everything returns to normal later in the chapter, both Ari and the ally have the accessory equipped.

    Contributed by: Falconesque 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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In-Depth FAQs Character FAQ by QueenMeshi 30K
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Okage: Shadow King Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Obtain the Unicorn's Horn. A Mythical Rarity
    Accrue 500,000 sukel. A Wealthy Slave
    Collect 30 Tiny Gears. All Accounted For
    Defeat Beiloune in the final battle. Breaking the Class
    Use a Black Cat Jewel in battle. Cat Scratch Fever
    Revive an ally during battle. Clear!
    Successfully paralyze an enemy. Don't Move a Muscle
    Defeat the Former Chairman Evil King. Ex-Former Chairman
    Purchase a piece of armor for over 100,000 sukel. Expensive Taste
    Acquire the Q of Hearts weapon. Feeling Lucky?
    Give a donation to Madril's Research Center. For Science!
    Acquire the Forgotten Sword. Hopkins' Legacy
    Reach level 30 with three characters. Junior Varsity
    Defeat the Phantom Evil King. Just an Illusion
    Receive a Compatibility Gift. Like Two Peas in a Pod
    Use a Mega Stone to cure an ailment. Mega Relief
    Acquire the Hand Knit Cap from the Sickly Pretty Girl. Message in a Bottle
    Recruit two allies to join your party. Much-Needed Assistance
    Use a Mega Charm to cure a curse. One Charm to Rule Them All
    Defeat the Teen Idol Evil King. Pop Sensation
    Open the water valve in the church. Quenching the People's Thirst
    Correctly answer Stan's questions for him to execute a bonus attack. Raging Devil
    Defeat the Sewer Evil King. Sewer Rodent
    Unlock all trophies. Shadow King
    Defeat the Bubble Evil King. Something's Fishy
    Defeat the Big Bull Evil King. The Champ is Here
    Purchase a weapon for over 100,000 sukel. Top of the Line
    Reach level 70 with three characters. Varsity
    Complete the Cyphertext quest. What Does This Say?
    Defeat the Vampire Evil King. What Large Teeth You Have

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999