User Rating: 8.5 | Of Orcs and Men PC
OOAM is entertaining and exciting to the point that I wanted to play more each day and that`s quite something! This game is all about story and combat. No more convoluted moral and ethical decisions no sane and pragmatic leader will ever consider. No more caring for emotionally chalenged team members who whine all the time, but don`t hesitate to kill hundreds of enemies along your main character. Last, but not the least, the amount of gear is below 10% from what you obtain in a normal, run of the mill, RPG game, making rewards so much more interesting. There is, of course, a downside here, because the gear from chapter I is better than anything you`ll find untill the end, with the exceptions of two weapons.
Graphics are very good when talking about landscape, greeskins and town, not so much in the human case who look more like zombies. Gameplay is somewhat different with the use of a skill wheel who slow the time in combat, even that the number of useful skills is limited to 2-3.
All in all is a good game, fast paced and you could get at leat 40 hours of fun using the two stances available to each character.