Just beat the game. My thoughts without plot spoilers

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Ugh.. I was fairly unimpressed with the game from the first moments of playing it, but I kept battling my way through, hoping to reach some real substance. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Overall, I was very disappointed. 100% linear gameplay with no ability to grind or farm for more loot or higher levels. The loot is all predetermined and only located in sparsely dispersed chests. The camera often pans to awkward positions and you have very limited control of it. Fighting is ho-hum with only two controllable character. Story is mildly interesting, but from my experience the illusion of critical game choices is just that -- an illusion. No decision that I made seemed to have any profound effect on the storyline.

The worst part: No epic boss battles, or any bosses for that matter. There are about 5 different enemy types throughout the game. Here's the formula: Run through a narrow corridor, fight a mob, repeat for 6-10 hours.

Had this been a $10 game, I wouldn't have minded, but I definitely regret paying for this uninspired garbage. The graphics are the only thing I didn't have a problem with. I'm actually quite surprised that it has a decent user score considering that it's so derivative from other games in its genre -- games that are FAR more enjoyable and much lengthier with higher production value.

I give it a 5 out of 10 because the storyline kept me moderately interested and the graphics were OK... Oh, and the game never crashed on me which was nice. If you absolutely HAVE to play a game like this, you'd be better off replaying Dragon Age.

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I thought it was pretty good.

It played kinda like mass effect with dragon age type of skills. Think of it as a melee mass effect with less budget and no dlc.

Still, one of the more original games i played this year.

I think it deserve more hype, especially since it looks like there will be a second game