Oddworld Abe's Oddysse is one of the best PS1 games you can play with great puzzles and its really funny

User Rating: 9 | Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PS
Oddworld Abe's Oddysse is one the best PS1 games ever the Puzzles and Humour fit together perfectly and is just loads of fun to play the Graphics are great and animated really well and the Cutscenes looks great and are quite funny if you where put off by the amount of save points just keep playing and you will think nothing of the save points as its great fun to play even if it doesn't have many save points but that is the only downside to the game but really it doesn't matter at all its just more challenging overall one of the best PS1 games you can buy.

Graphics now for a PS1 game they are probably some of the best there animated nicely all the enemies characters and backgrounds look great even today and the cutscenes look even better there is loads of variety in places like one minute your in a factory the next your in a underground tomb everything looks great and some of the best on the PS1.

Gameplay is great with variety in the puzzles the game plays like you play as a mudokon named abe and you have to rescue as many other mudokons you can find there scattered throughout each area some levels might only have 1 or 2 some might have up to 30 and upwards there are 100 in the game to find and depending on how many you find you get a different ending but try and get as many as you can and as you play the game there are loads of traps you have to guide the mudokons through to get to the bird portal and you do a chant to open the portal but to get the mudokons to follow you or to start working for others to get through you do different commands to get them to do what you want and to solve puzzles and there certain mudokons that give you passwords that you unlock certain areas with overall there is loads of variety in the puzzles and gameplay and is a really fun and funny game to play.

Story is about Abe is working like normal and he wanders around the meat processing plant called Rupture farms and he sees that they are planning to turn mudokons into food so Abe goes on a quest to save as many Mudokons as possible and to shut down Rupture farms and escape overall the Story is really funny and depending on how many mudokons you save you can get different endings.

Sound is very good for a PS1 game its clear and everything sounds how it should the enemies the traps and the music sounds all really good and the cutscenes also sound and look great.

Replay there is some replay like there are 3 different endings to get and just playing it again as it is a really fun game to play and you can do stuff differently.

The Good

Great Graphics/Great Gameplay/Great Sound/Quite a bit of Replay Value/Really Funny/Great Puzzles/Good Story/Challenging gameplay.

The Bad

Lacks Save Points.

but apart from that the game is one of the best PS1 games you can buy and i highly recommend playing this and Abe's Exodus as it is even better than this one and you can buy them of the playstation store if you cant find them on PS1.

Graphics 9.5/10

Gameplay 9.5/10

Story 8.5/10

Sound 8.5/10

Replay 8.5/10

Value 9.5/10

Overall 9.0/10 A+ Awesome