Timeless, that would be the best way to describe abe's oddysee. A timeless Classic.

User Rating: 9.6 | Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PS
Abe's oddysee is a platformer like no other. It portaits a fictional world upon the verge of destruction due to large industry.

After the beautiful intor sequence you start the game as Abe, a Mudokan, one of the creatures that populated the fantasy world of Oddworld. You and many of your brother Mudokans have been enslaved by mighty industrials (Glukkons) and their army of gun crazy 'Sligs'. Its your duty to escape from the meatfactory you work in and help save your brethren. (Or get chopped up to Mudokon snacks... )

The game is a 2d platformer, you play as Abe, a clumbsy creature with no guns or weapons, equiped only with the power to possess other creatures, and with a fairly big brain, yours!

Walk, jump, run, sneek and roll your way throug this adventure that takes you throug beautifull worlds, and lot of puzzles. And believe me, they are fun! You'll never get really stuck, you'll have infinite lives and can try all levels over and over again.

Though my heart really lies in action packed games, this game stole my heart because of its beauty and incredible addictive gameplay!

Grafics are mostly pre-rendered so you won't be desturbed by annoying jagged edges. This makes the game grafically timeless...

This game is a true classic and it is probably the best balanced 2d platformer ever. If you played through it once, you can try again beating your 'score' by saving all 99 Mudokans. And trust me, that is a real challenge!

Don't miss this game, even in 2005 it's great to play!