Dont believe anyone else believe me

User Rating: 8.3 | O.R.B. PC
I first got this game probably over 4 years ago sooo 2002?, and it was pretty cheap. I had just gotten my new computer and was looking for something to play, i probably had 56K at the time so any multiplayer besides starcraft was out. Anywho, i first played it, the loading time was unbearable, that graphics were...mmmm so so, and i the game was just way too complex. over the years...ive forgotten about it, but a few months ago for reasons unknown i started playing it again. The new patches greatly improve the loading time, bugs and AI. The game still isnt as pretty as some of the newer space games but that keeps you focused on action and not on the scenery. Besides, there havent been many space RTS's worth playing in quite some time. To help with the complexety I eliminated the whole base building scene, lowered the maximum ship limit to 15 and renacted my favorite scenes from Star Lancer. Plus the soundtrack is fun to steal and listen while playing other games with a less inspiering score. The games has plenty of upgrades, ships and weapons. Its not a groundbrealing game but it gets the job done.

I advise homeworld 2 as well.