O.R.B. has graphics way ahead of it's time, and an interesting and slightly new play style than other games.

User Rating: 8.5 | O.R.B. PC
O.R.B. has good graphics compared to it's time, but also has good compatibility and less lag. O.R.B. also managed to fix one of the big problems in many strategy genre video games; instead of your troops just standing in one spot firing at the enemy, the game's AI allows for fighter ships to move around the field of battle while still firing at each other. Also, the game adds the third dimension to strategy games. In many strategy games, the plane of battle is only 2d in playstyle. In O.R.B. you can command your ships to move up, down, left, right, and all the diagonals. The unfortunate draw-back to the game is that it progresses very slowly. There is an option to speed up the game speed that the player can use at any time, but at maximum speed it is still slow even for a strategy game. The game also has a rather bad method of troop movement, but that can be expected because of the necessity of 3d movement. The game focuses on two different space faring races. The Malus and the Alyssians. The Malus are a war-like species that are split up into many clans, each holding a different allotment of power and control. The Alyssians rely on science and technology. Both races have the same gods, and fight each other in the hopes of avenging the death of them. Their war upon each other was started from a mistake of communication, and neither race has killed their gods. It was a race far more sinister and ancient who had done it.