While many of the concepts are well done the game still remains a bore all the way through.

User Rating: 6 | O.R.B. PC
O.R.B. is a Real-Time Strategy set in space. This concept and it's implementation is much similar to another PC game, Homeworld. Unfortunantly O.R.B. does differs from Homeworld on the most important level, entertainment. While many of the concepts are well done the game still remains a bore all the way through. The first thing you notice in any game is the graphics, and luckily for O.R.B., those graphics are fairly good. Everything is well done, especially the space backgrounds that really make you look off and stare in wonder. That said, even the graphics are a bit plain and get rather boring after only a few games of play. Sound, as with the rest of the game, has the same problem. On to more important things, the gameplay. In short, it leaves much to be desired. This is your basic Real-Time strategy in the truest sense of the word. Everything is as simple as you can get. To mine, you buid a mine on an asteroid and send carriers to bring back minearls. Upgrading is just spending minerals to upgrade one of eight different technologies, which in turn allow you to build more attacking ships or allow those ships to do more damage. That's the game. Mine minerals, upgrade ships, attack. Add to that the fact it takes forever for your fighters to get anywhere on the map, and far too few minerals to support you through the game. In the end you'll spend half of the game (literally) chasing enemies remaining ships around the map. After only one or two games, O.R.B gets very repetitve and very boring. There's a reason most strategies now adays add much more to their game, and that's to make them entertaining. O.R.B. does not and leaves much to be desired. Homeworld, though similar in concept, does a much better job of being entertaining and I would definintly recommend that over O.R.B.