On a Wing and a Prayer

User Rating: 9 | Icarian: Kindred Spirits WII
Just wanted to chime in quickly regarding this game because folks really need to take notice of Nyxquest. If you enjoyed LostWinds and are up for something a bit more challenging, you'll really want to seriously consider downloading this title.

It's a puzzle platformer. You play as the goddess Nyx. The main mechanic in the game is her ability to fly and glide. She'll also acquire various powers from Zeus, as well as the god of wind, and you'll be using the Wii Remote while moving Nyx in order to solve puzzles and navigate levels.

The game is hard, and it shows its true colors right from the start. But fear not, as the gameplay isn't cheap, and though the difficulty can be brutal at times, it's a game that always remains fun. This is mostly due to the fact that with each new level, the game tosses in new mechanics, new puzzles, and fresh challenges that keep the game interesting from start to finish.

There's a bit of co-op, where one person can move objects with the Wii Remote while another person controls Nyx, and it's an option that will be a real life saver to folks who aren't quite up for the single-player challenge. Either way, you'll get about five hours of gameplay, plus an additional level once you've collected all of the 20 relics hidden throughout the game. For $10, trust me, it's a great deal for the quality of gameplay on offer here.

The game also looks and sounds really good, with some very enchanting music and impressive visuals. You're traveling through a desert the entire time, though day does gradually turn to night, and there's lots of good-looking lighting and effects.

If your Wii is collecting dust because you haven't been impressed by many of the games on tap recently, you really need to check this game out. Few folks have put this much effort into their retail Wii products, let alone the WiiWare platform. This game goes above and beyond the norm, and it's just plain fun to play.