Numantia Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Steal a Roman banner. A banner tale
    Finish chapter 2 of the Numantian campaign. A city built on stone
    Finish chapter 4 of the Numantian campaign. A fragile peace
    Finish chapter 6 of the Numantian campaign. As equals
    Finish chapter 5 of the Numantian campaign. Back to the arms
    Let Scipio honor the death of a soldier. Band of Brothers
    Finish chapter 6 with Rome. Casus Belli
    Finish a campaign in difficulty (Hard). Centurion
    Finish chapter 2 with Rome. Cold Winter
    Question Scipio's orders. Contempt
    Perform a Counter charge using Asellius. Counter Strike
    Let Ambo lead a suicide mission. Deer Hunter
    Finish chapter 11 of the Numantian campaign. Devotio
    Obtain 10 items in any campaign. Diogenes syndrome
    Finish chapter 7 with Rome. Discipline
    Kill a Devoti unit using a Standard-bearer unit. Do not underestimate me
    Let the merchants enter Numantia. Entrepeneur
    Execute Corvinus. Errare Humanum Est
    Spent a night in company. Fever
    Level up any heroe to level 3. Heracles
    Finish chapter 7 of the Numantian campaign. Invincible
    Finish chapter 3 with Rome. Isolated
    Inflict more than 180 damage in one attack. It's over 180
    Ignore Corvinus' insubordination. Lack of Authority
    Finish a campaign in difficulty (Normal). Legionnaire
    Let Corvinus escape. Liberatio
    Let Avaros escape. Mercy
    Finish chapter 10 of the Numantian campaign. Misery
    Write a letter for Asellius. Missive
    Finish chapter 9 with Rome. No escape
    Choose the right answer. Now, write it out a hundred times
    Finish chapter 10 with Rome. Numantia Delenda Est
    Perform a six hexen Charge. Numantia Derby
    Finish the Numantian campaign. Numantia Invicta
    Finish chapter 3 of the Numantian campaign. Operation Dumbo-Drop
    Finish chapter 1 with Rome. Para Bellum
    Finish chapter 5 with Rome. Pax Romana
    Collect all trophies. Platinum Trophy
    Finish chapter 8 of the Numantian campaign. Pretorians
    Refuse a sacrifice to the gods. Prometheus
    Finish chapter 4 with Rome. Reinforcements
    Take down Rhetogenes using a scorpio. Scorpius
    Kill a slinger unit with Greek archers. Sticks and stones
    Foresee the fate of Rhetogenes. The Horseman on the Pale Horse
    Finish chapter 8 with Rome. The siege
    Finish chapter 9 of the Numantian campaign. The siege of Numantia
    Let Leuco lead a suicide mission. The Warrior
    Foresee the fate of Megara. The Wolf of War
    Execute Avaros. Treachery
    Kill two units from a distance and in a row using Ambo. Two birds, one stone
    Write a letter for Corvinus. Urgent Mail
    Finish the Roman campaign. Veni, Vidi, Vici
    Let the warriors enter Numantia. Warriors
    Finish chapter 1 of the Numantian campaign. Welcome to Hispania
    Teach Megara and Rhetogenes a lesson. Wooden Swords

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