Simply unique, this game offers a solid story and action

User Rating: 10 | Nox PC
Although 9 years old, Nox is still a game that can make you forget what you've been up to and continue playing it just to see the next chapter. The story is unique (at least I haven't seen anything similar yet) and the gameplay is flawless, offering 3 different campaigns with stunning actions on their own. I would recommend this game for anyone who hasn't played it yet and I'm sure that he won't be disappointed.The quests are given with the campaign reason, the spells of each class makes the 3 campaigns a whole new adventure and the choice of which class you'd like the most will be a little bit hard because the 3 of them are simply great! The control is mainly with the mouse and in some cases you will have to use all of your energy to pass the challenge given to you, because sometimes the game can be pretty easy, and sometimes can be pretty hard.When you complete the game I'm sure you'll feel experienced and you would gladly point yourself to the next campaign :D So get your hands on Nox and plunge into the adventures!