When Nox was new, it was a solid 10 and sholdn't have been missed by any RPG fan.

User Rating: 10 | Nox PC
When Nox was new it would have been difficult not to rate it a solid 10, however there was a thing or two in multiplayer that I thougt was bizarre and or out of place, or was a problem in my opinion. But over the years I've come to realize that what I thought was bizarre, or out of place or a bug, or oddball feature, was gladly accepted by the Nox community at large so it was just my problem.

As a single player game, there was little else at the time that could have touched Nox in the genre it was classified back then.

However with all good things must come and end, and so I decided to reload up Nox on my computer with the jumbo monitor and give it another whirl into Nox.

The opening movie played and we all laughed about bacon (we laughed because it's true!) and then i settled in to play.

I really shouldn't have tried, I should have just left it in memory. I remembered every secret chamber and passage way, I remembered how to run the Gauntlat, I remembered pretty much everything and what I couldn't remember I dug out of the Nox strategy guide, which is truly a guide for every quest in the game and about 3 inches thick.

Yeah, it didn't look as great as I remember it looking back then, my toon isn't very responsive I said thinking fondly of my recent Sacred II characters, and the quests seem rather obvious don't they.

Yes, it should have just stayed in memory.

If I were writing this review and scoring at the time NOX came out, it would surely be ranked a 10, but if I had to score NOX as if the game were just released today, it would get a paltry 2.

Whoa, I know, what can I say. Let's face it, by todays standards, NOX is primitivve and looks like schnitzel on a hot sidewalk on the larger monitors of today. The only thing still good about NOX to this day, is having another read through the 3 or 4 inch thick strategy guide.

A great game for it's time, but never really stood the sands of time like some others have.