This is a fantastic action/adventure game! I love it!

User Rating: 9 | Nox PC
If you enjoy an action / adventure RPG this is the one you should try. It is moderatly old but it is still a great game. The graphics on this game are good for the time it came out and I believe the game play is excellent. It is a top down view and I don't believe that you can change the camera angle but it really isn't necessary. It kind of reminds me of the view from Ultima Online, although I never really played that, one of my friends did and he showed it to me all the time. I do think that the game goes by relatively quickly, that could just be because I played it quite a lot. This game is very difficult to beat as a wizard, I know I beat it with some of the other classes of characters but it has been so long since playing I don't remember what they were. Anyway have fun, I'm sure you will enjoy it.