Very similar to Diablo, thats what makes it fun. Worth looking for, good luck finding it though.

User Rating: 9 | Nox PC
I played this game when I was ittle and became addicted to it, then when I got hit 20 I suddenly remembered the name of that game I used to play and wanted another copy. So I searched and searched and finally found a cpy on ebay and ended up paying 25.00 for it. Yes I wanted it that bad. I have to say I do not regret it, it is so much fun and feels great. The contols worth perfectly why shouldn't they their the same ones for diablo. The weaponry and looting systems are solid too. The visuals aren't half bad, I didn't hate them. The ame overall feels really good and although 10 years old it still is a great game to at least look into getting. If you've just about killed your copies of Biablo 1 and 2, and want a great dungeon explorer game that will give you length, action, and a great gamming time then I can not think of a better game then Nox. Um like I mention it maybe alittle hard to find, but worth it.