Old school and punishing!

User Rating: 6.5 | Nox PC
Nox is like an eccentric grandfather, a nostalgic game reminiscent of the first Diablo but behaves like an old fart. Why? The story is quirky, the humor is outlandish and the gameplay is unforgiving. I played as a warrior, so perhaps it's an odd balance, as you're fighting a lot of ranged monsters and wizards, and most of the wizard enemies can instant kill with a spell, from far. Though the warrior can wear fancy stuff with long names and neat abilities, it still becomes stupefyingly difficult mid-game onwards and ramps up like nobody's business, because the gear can "turn to dust" after a few strong hits, with limited repair opportunities and extremely dear repair costs, making it unplayable without either hardcore determination or the cheat sheet. Yeah, I'm using the cheat sheet...

I mentioned the humor is outlandish, and it spreads from the intro cinematics all the way into the game and ending, with the likes of Ghosts'n Goblins, complete with armor too. So, though it's a nice shift from the moody Diablo, it can be irritating when the game gets too hard to appreciate it. Talking about gameplay, other than the brutal combat conditions, the maze-like level design also doesn't give slack. It still is a gentleman's challenge though, without considering the pestering 'undead' enemies, and is actually well-devised given the dated 90's game engine.

However, as a fantasy RPG, character development and gear customization is almost non-existent in the single-player campaign, forming a void for fans of the genre. Even so, Nox is still a gem of a Diablo clone for old-school fans in the pre-Diablo 2 era, and I believe it's a blast for those looking for nostalgia.