Whoaaa!!!! If you like stunning adventures. This is the game for you.

User Rating: 9.5 | Nox PC
Great gameplay, i don't think it's a bad game. the lovely adventures and the mystic powers makes you believe in an extraordinary world of magic and classic RPG's monsters.

Like a previous review: if you liked diablo, you will love Nox.

Nox it's a magic game that follows the traditional virtual Role-Playing-Game's statistics. The Wizard it's a powerful character with spells and a knowledge of God. The Conjurer it's a character with wisdom and dexterity that can charm and summon the most incredible creatures. The warrior it's a strong and fast character that defeat enemies with courage and honor.

Nox it's very nice. A different game that sure will make you believe in magic.

After a medium time of playing, it becomes boring, like all other games.