Nosferatu Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Endings

    Beat the game on the last continue credit Bad ending
    Beat the game without using the last continue credit Good ending

    Contributed by: Doraemon9999999 

  2. Maximize Health Meter

    Effect Effect
    During a game, do a spinning back kick by pressing Away + Y, and pause the game. Then press Up, X, Right, A, Down, B, Left, Y. Maximize Health Meter

    Contributed by: AzN SqUaLL 

  3. Maximum Power Crystals

    Effect Effect
    Anytime during play, pause the game and press Up, X, Right, A, Down, B, Left, Y. Maximum Power Crystals

    Contributed by: AzN SqUaLL 

  4. Stage Select

    Effect Effect
    Select the Configuration mode, highlight exit. Press L,L,R,R,R,L,L,L. Press up or down to go to any stage. Stage Select

    Contributed by: AzN SqUaLL 

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