A Great Game From Yesteryear!

User Rating: 8.6 | Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest PS
I could definitely see myself playing through Norse by Norsewest (Lost Vikings 2) again. This is a 2D platformer game that requires figuring out different puzzles. I really enjoyed playing the original Lost Vikings and this game did not disappoint. It is a well designed game that makes you think to figure out the puzzles using each characters skills. It did get frustrating at times because there is no room for error, but that is what makes a great gamer compared to a casual gamer.

The gameplay is awesome. I thought this was a good game with puzzles and game design that you do not see anymore. The puzzles are easy at first to get you acquainted with the characters skills. Erik can run fast, ram items with his head, and jump high. Baleog can use weapons like his energy saber and bionic arm which is used to reach hard to get items. Olaf can use his shield to block stuff, give Erik a boost, and float. Olaf also can shrink and fart in order to jump. Fang could cut people up with his claws or jump and bite at someone and he could also scale up walls. Scorch can shoot fireballs and fly. You have to utilize each characters skills to get thru the levels and ensure they don't die.

The graphics are okay. The graphics in this game were definitely SNES quality, but the cut scenes were Playstation quality. The characters and graphics are 2D. The backgrounds are well detailed and enjoyable to look at. Each of the five worlds has a distinct look and feel to it with different enemies and items.

The sound was good. I really enjoyed the comments made by the Vikings at the beginning of the level and when you keep dying on a level. Olaf has the best lines in the game because he was so stupid and he had a funny voice. I also enjoyed the comments of Scorch because he sounded like Sean Connery. The sound effects were good throughout the game with Erik plunging into water and swimming, Olaf farting, and Baleog's bionic arm motion. The music was good at points, but got repetitive when you played the same level over and over again. I did not like most of the music from world 5 mainly due to personal preference.

I just finished the game tonight. The last three levels and level 27 are extremely challenging and difficult to figure out which required me to cheat and use the strategy guide, but the rest of the game is not too difficult to finish the puzzles. Execution is a different story.

Pick up this great game and play today to test your gaming skills.