Put down that spliff, I guarantee this game will make you feel high!

User Rating: 8 | Noby Noby Boy PS3
=] Absolutely completely bonkers!
=] Randomly generated levels mean you have no idea what madness awaits

=[ Takes a while to work out exactly what you have to do

Wow. I have never felt like I have been hallucinating before. This game is so completely insane that you actually think you are just having a really weird dream. Surely people aren't mad enough to make a game where there are fish on the moon, 20-feet-tall people, Walking crescent moons, oh and those weird Jellyfish-Elephant-Paintball-Shooty things on Mars!

That is exactly what makes this game so brilliant: The producers have TAKEN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SERIOUSLY!

The principle of this game says it all, really: You are a double-ended worm called Boy whose favourite pastime is eating all the strange characters he encounters in order to grow to absolutely insane lengths, I mean being 3km long or more is a common feature. Then, get this, you have to JUMP INTO ORBIT to report yor length to the ever-growing Girl, a huge creature who wants to link up all the planets in the solar system in order to make everyone friends. How nice.

That's pretty much all there is to it. No levels, no goals, just visit all the planets and between fits of laughter at the complete madness (or on the moon, lunar-cy...geddit?) you will surely encounter, try and eat stuff and see how big you can grow. At only £3.19 for unlimited amounts of boredom-killing-goodness it represents good value too. A definite must have from the PlayStation Store.