I'm not too sure what I am doing. I'm not sure what's going on. Only one thing is certain; I'm not having fun.

User Rating: 4.5 | Noby Noby Boy PS3
Noby Noby Boy is a Playstation Network (PSN) exclusive which is a artsy, creative game with the slight scent of Katimari. The game starts you off as a double-sided, two-faced (literally) stretchable character, Boy, and basically......well.....to be perfectly honest, I don't know. The only thing about this plot that I understood is that you are trying to get a giant-like, female version of yourself, Girl, to travel to different planets. Why? I have no clue. In order to get Girl to travel to other planets you need to....stretch yourself, or play the game, or basically just sit around. Every time I signed in to play this game Girl grew/ stretched to another planet. Whether or not it had anything to do with anything I was doing, I have no clue. The lack of plot and substance is really what flaws this game. This game seems to be a bunch of smoke and mirrors hiding a half-hearted game.
The controls are another big flaw. The way the control scheme is set up is ridiculous. The camera is controlled by holding down the R1 L1 buttons and moving the actual SIXAXIS controller back and forth. R2 jumps/ eats/ flies, and the rest of the buttons don't do anything. The analog sticks control each side of Boy. Sometimes however, the camera starts to get a mind of it's own and move downwards, or starts to move microscopically close to Boy. The controls are so difficult to get use to, as well as the camera. I played the game for about 2 hours straight and still found myself hitting "select" to look and see what does what. So after the intro you are put in a world with people, cars, dogs, trees, ect.. As I stated before, I am not sure what the point of the game is. Thus, once I landed in this world, I was confused and just started wandering around doing nothing. The awkward control scheme seemed to hold my attention long enough, where as most of my time was not spent playing, but more trying to figure out how to play. I finally figured out that stretching your body by pulling the two analog sticks away from each other, increased Girl's endeavors.
The world in which you are placed in is square. A thick, 3-D square world. This means that you can fall off. And trust me, you'll fall off a lot. When you die, you wind up back at your safe-house, in the chimney. At this point in the game I found myself stuck in the chimney because it is deep and simply jumping/ biting my way out didn't propel me enough to get out of the chimney. I actually had to reset the game only later to find out that there is actually a designated button you hit to get out of the chimney. A button, whose only purpose is to get out of the chimney. The safe-house which holds the death-chimney, is also your means around worlds. I found, however, that each world wasn't that big of a difference. More people, more items, more dogs. All of these factors varied with each world and was the only thing that distinguished them, apart from color.
There are some trophies which you can get. These are obtainable by doing certain tasks and such. Most of these trophies are obtained in the opening tutorial. The only problem is that most of the trophies rely on pure luck. There is a trophy in which you need 10 people to jump and ride on your body. The problem with this, is that the inhabitants of the world you're in jump on and off your back at random, making this and other trophies almost unreachable.
Now to not sound like I am completely bias, there were some good things about the game. The graphics are colorful and lush, the characters are cute and cartoony, and the style in general leaves you with a feel-good emotion. Sure, the game looks pretty, but half of the time you'll find yourself floating around eating different dogs and people, while simultaneously trying to fix the camera angles and also avoiding death via falling off the world.
The game was cheap, and that was the reason I bought it. I understand that these PSN games are meant to not be deep, and just for enjoyment. But in Noby Noby Boy there isn't any defined plot or direction, the controls are set up like you are trying to enter a cheat code, and the overall enjoyment of the game is somewhat low. Just because this game isn't an actual game and just a PSN, cheap game, does not excuse it from critical negativity. If a game is made it needs to have essentials. The player has to know what they are doing, the controls have to be understandable and the player has to be having enough fun to hold their attention. And, unfortunately, all these factors are lacking in Noby Noby Boy.