This game is a satire on other video games. It is Hard to play and Simple to master. I can NOT recommend this game.

User Rating: 1 | Noby Noby Boy PS3
Noby Noby Boy is a satire on other video games. Showing that just by adding complex controls, incomplete and difficult to navigate menu systems, and adding extra features like a in game E-mail systems, does not make the game any better or more fun.

At the core of the game is great and simple idea with a hint of sexual undertones. For example the ability to break your BOY in two and then eat your own butt to reattach it. Also growing BOY longer, then reporting your length to GIRL who then "eats" your length in the form of small hearts that she slurps up to grow longer herself.

The main things that holds this game back from being a much more enjoyable experience is the menu and controls. The in game menu can only be entered when Boy is in his smaller state, and only gives you two options at a time, and you have to have press a combo of buttons to get the next two options in the menu. The controls are overly complex where most of them consist of multi button presses and are not very intuitive.

Bottom line: I can NOT recommend this game.