All i have to say is wow! This game is like anime on acid! Pure genius Takahashi is! Noby Noby Boy for the win!

User Rating: 10 | Noby Noby Boy PS3
One word.


This game is a total masterpiece! Although there is no objective in this game, this game has tons, if not unlimited amount of replay value! The colors and artwork are completey gorgeous and mysterious. Noby Noby Boy is a hermaphrodite slug creature which you scave through the town in order to explore, eat, and discover new things. Some of the things in this game will make your eyes pop out of your head! Its fabulous! This game is like a artwork that was fed acid, mushrooms, and meth all in one! lol. Takahashi is purely one of the strangest game designers ever.

All in all, this game is the total package for 5 bucks. I would have even bought it if it were 10 bucks. The trophies are great too and offer a range of different variety. Anyone on the PS3 should buy this without a doubt. I hope this review helps because i can't express how awesome this game is until you play it yourself