Quite simply this is the worst game I have ever played.

User Rating: 1 | Noby Noby Boy PS3
This game is a nonlinear piece of crap. There is no point and you constantly see the wire frames in the game. I can understand the value of an open ended game that has no point, but the controls of this game make it impossible to like. With all of the buttons on the PS3 controller they only use 2 and they do 5 to 10 different things. I forced myself to play through it until I got all of the trophies figuring if I haven't found any joy in the game by that point I wouldn't ever find it. That game sucks. The characters are kind of endearing, but the game is so incredibly random, in a bad way, that there is no point turning it on. I felt like I was in a catatonic daze the entire time. Everybody out there, avoid this game like the plague. You will be stupider having played this. I can not emphasize this enough.