Amazing in so many ways, truly a game for gamers.

User Rating: 9 | No More Heroes WII
This is one of the best titles available for the Wii, hands down. Like many of Suda 51s titles, it has a lot of artistic merit, but unlike some of his previous ones, this one has some solid gameplay to back it up.

The game really loves the fact that its a game, as opposed to trying to be a movie. The graphics are a mix of old and new, falling back on using bleeps and bloops for audio and pixels for health, but the decidedly retro artstyle is ambitious and works, its clearly made by people who used to spend time in arcades (as opposed to the people who simulate arcade style in movies and have obviously never thumbed a joystick.)

The storyline is ludicrously brilliant, and once you suspend belief and just accept that its a game, you'll find yourself drawn into Travis's quest. He's the very definition of an Anti-Hero, with almost no redeemable qualities, but somehow you can't help but like him, he's well written, well voiced, and he's never short on personality. The supporting cast is great too, each character feeling both stereotypical and well fleshed out at the same time.

The gameplay is solid, making nice use of the Wiimote by not using it for the whole of combat but keeping it constantly incorporated. Your hands will be in motion just enough to keep you immersed, while the important timing restrictions are kept with button presses. The gameplay isn't always perfect, and its not the most in depth that it could be, but it has a pleasently open feel to it, and slaughtering foes with over the top moves never gets tiring.

If you have a Wii and you're an adult, you owe it to yourself to try out the game, especially if you have a bit of the taste for the absurd, its definitely a game for gamers.