Moronic and Not good For anyone --- THAT MEANS YOU TO----

User Rating: 1.5 | No More Heroes WII

When I think of how to sum up this game a few words spring to mind:
Mindless, Unfun, Simple, Monotonous, Insane, and Awfully slow.
Some people say that it is by a good programmer, but this is a review of his product.

This game was not immersive, in fact it was unimersive as it had tricky Minigames which went for far too long and couldn't be saved. Besides that the Minigames were of a simple, repetitive and boring style.

concept wise this game gets a ZERO.
Concept goes along the line of this, A man lives in a town of morons, Does moronic things for money (Whoreing) and then Fights People for more money and fame from morons. Make sure that the game Involves lots of button mashing and enemies that own guns when the protagonist does not (so as to appear that is some story or succession)
Then make more opportunities to do mindless things to unlock more mindless levels then unlock more mindless things
then... You die, and retry ......-
---if you haven't thrown the game out already---