Unique style, entertaining gameplay and a hilarious story, makes No More Heros one of the best Wii games out there.

User Rating: 9 | No More Heroes WII
Back in 2005, the western gamers got introduced, to Goichi Suda (Suda 51) and his game, Killer7. The game weren't a commercial success, but it gathered a big cult following, and while the game is weird and had a mixed reception among critics, there's no doubt that Suda 51, is one of the hottest game developers this generation. With his former games slowly being released in the west, his newest games are also straightly released in the west. Now after Killer7, Suda 51 is back, with No More Heros for the Wii.

You play as Johnny Knoxville lookalike, Travis Touchdown, a former wrestler and a big fan of anime. After winning a light saber on a internet auction, he finds himself broke. He's looked up by a strange woman called Sylvia who offers him money for killing an assassin. After he's successful, she offers him to be part of a ranking and is asked if he wanna become the #1 assassin. Travis accepts and is out to become #1. The story is weird, but it's also quite entertaining. The characters are likeable, especially Travis, who is also entertaining. Sure the twists near the end of the game comes out of nowhere, but that's actually intended. The end result is a very funny, entertaining and a memorable story.


The game is a mix of hack n' slash and open world gameplay. When you usually mention a hack n' slash game on the Wii, you expect to waggle the wiimote in order to attack, but that's not the case. You log onto a target with the Z button and then you just mash A to attack. After you depleted the enemies' health bar, the game shows you an arrow which tells you a direction you need to wave your wiimote against, and then your enemy is finally killed. While it does sound like killing enemies takes ages, it's actually quite painful and easy. You can also knock out enemies with the B button, until they get temporarily stunned, in which you can grab then and perform a wrestling move, which is done by moving the nunchuck and wiimote in a certain way, which the game also tells you. The game has a small slot machine running, and if you get 3 of the same icon, Travis will yell out something related to ice cream (literally) and get a special power. The problem is, it randomly happens and for the most part, it appears after you've killed the last enemy in the room.

The controls are actually pretty good and they don't feel abused like in most other Wii games. It may become repetitive after a while, but it never stops being entertaining. The boss fights becomes increasingly harder and more creative, the longer you get into the game, so if you think the gameplay's repetitive, you will look forward to the game's boss fights.

Outside of the ranked fights, you have Santa Destroy, a full town that's waiting for you to be explored... if you want to. Mainly, between every ranked fight, you have to gather enough money in order to pay the entry fee. In order to do that, you have to do different side missions. You start out by doing a part-time job, which involves everything from picking up trash and scorpions, to catch runaway kittens and some other stuff. After you completed a part-time job, you open up for new assassin gigs, which, basically, are small challenges that requires you to kill enemies in a certain amount of time and etc. There's also free-fights scattered around the town, which are like assassin gigs, though the mission ends, should you get hit, just once.

The part-time jobs and assassin gigs attempts to bring some variation by unlocking new kinds of jobs & gigs after you gained in rank, but it doesn't change the fact, that they can't become pretty boring. Part of the problem is that you simply have to grind sometimes, in order to get enough money to proceed. Annoyingly, if you fail a part-time job, or a assassination gig, you have to drive all the way back to where you got the mission, and then go back and try again, it get's annoying, quickly. It doesn't really help that Santa Destroy is just boring. There's nothing in the town that makes the town memorable and there's not a lot to do either.

Outside of the jobs and missions, you can go to Beef Dead videos and buy some wrestling videos, which will teach Travis some new wrestling movies. You can go to Naomi to get some weapon upgrades, though there are not a lot of upgrades you can get. You can go to Thunder Ryu where you can train to extend your beam combo and increase your strength and vitality, if you can survive taking off your clothes for Ryu everytime you get there. You can collect balls to get some small upgrades and you can visit Area 51, to buy clothes, or you can hang out in your apartment and change clothes and sabers, and play with your cat. Again, that's all you can do in Santa Destroy, and there's nothing else to do, which leaves the town boring. At least, your bike makes it a little bit fun. The controls take a little while to get used to, though when you finally do; it's actually fun driving around.

The game takes around 15 hours to complete and while it's a well spent 15 hours, there's nothing to do when the game is complete, unless you wanna unlock additional difficulties.


The graphics doesn't really push the Wii, but it doesn't look too badly either. The game has a cell-shaded look to it, and the characters looks good, especially Travis and the animation is also good, especially during the cut-scenes. The city looks uninteresting though and so do most of the cars and the citizens that walk around in them. There's also some frame rate issues and some screen tearing. The Japanese and European version is also less violent. Whereas people can get sliced up in the American version and as well as being bloody, the Japanese and European version replaces blood and gore with a mysterious black substance that leaks out of enemies when they die. It's obviously less violent and while it is a minus, it doesn't make the game any less entertaining.


The voice acting is actually good, sure it can sound over the top at times, but it's part of the appeal. The dialogue is also pretty funny and is part of what makes the game memorable and entertaining. The music is also quite catchy and actually never get's old listening too. The game also deserves a plus for the sabers sounding like the sabers in Star Wars. Some points of the game also use the speakers on the wiimote's speakers, which is actually put to good use.


While the open world parts of the game does prevent it from getting the best grade, No More Heros proves, that Suda 51 is one of the most unique and creative directors out there. The game is entertaining, fun and sometimes outright hilarious. It's one of the best mature games on the Wii. It's unique and fun and chances are, you might never see this kind of game again, so buy it!