Adult humor and action packed to the end! I couldn't let go of the controls!

User Rating: 9 | No More Heroes WII
Worth every penny, of course if you're over 17 years of age, or have a cool older brother. Get this game if you haven't!

Yeah, the camera isn't perfect, but thats a minor thing. It doesn't have 1080p graphics, but this is still one of the coolest games ever. The story is unique with twists, love, betrayal, and vengence.

If you're openminded, and want to try something different from the ordinary, then this might hit that spot just right. I enjoyed every minute of this game. The boss battles were awesome, except you get cheated on one, lol. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get to that battle about half way through the game.

Yeah, the side missions are a little short, but there's a lot of them to keep you busy. Also, finding all the Y. Balls for the drunk encourages you to explore the city.

Again, Awesome Game! Many props for Ubisoft for publishing this one!