Very unimpressive...a waste of a great idea, this Anime-themed button masher is bad in every way...

User Rating: 3 | No More Heroes WII
There really isn't much I liked about this game, so I'll get right to it.

Graphics: 3/10
--Arguably the worst part of the game and I just can't believe how bad it really is. Some people might fool themselves into thinking the game has style with the way it looks, but it doesn't. The graphical style is sloppy and poorly executed. The game does not look smooth, and when moving around objects seem to 'appear' in the distance. The animations are terrible. GTA San Andreas looks and runs 100x better and it is on a supposedly weaker system.

Gameplay and Control: 1/10
--I say the graphics are arguably the worst part of this game because the controls are the worst I've seen in a long time from any game. Targeting is only worth trying if you are against a single enemy, and trying to drive around in the city is a joke. Collision detection is almost non-existent as you can hit another car while still being several feet away from it. The fact that the character's bike can get stuck completely on a lightpost is insulting. The camera angles also feel stiff and archaic, but since this game looks and plays like it belongs on a system of the past maybe that's what they wanted.

Fighting can be fun for a few minutes, but unless the player has amnesia it becomes boring after an hour. Every time you want to kill someone, you have to swing the wii-mote in some arbitrary direction to do some flashy finishing attack. The camera slows down and it takes too long. Tapping the A and B buttons a bunch of times to do attacks would be fine, if the damn missions weren't mirror-images of each other. There is no variety in this stupid game.

The entire object of this game is to raise money (by repeating quests) to unlock a new boss level. In between boss levels you can buy movies and cloths and things, but new items only become available after you beat a boss. Each boss level is basically a terribly long hallway full of enemies, which barely vary from one level to the next. You basically do the same thing over and over and over. Beat boss, buy stuff, get money, beat boss, buy stuff, get money... The lack of imagination is stupifying...

Story: 4/10
--The storyline is not very good. Seems to take a lot from Anime, and the characters and blood showers seem to hammer that point home. However, no imagination employed in the characters' development or their interactions with each other. The dialogue suffers from translation issues, but not too bad. This is probably the best part of the game, and I like the idea of assasins being ranked amongst themselves. That's all I like though.

Sound: 4/10
--The music is forgettable. The characters voices are ok, but not worth mentioning. I only gave it a four because it doesn't take away from the game like the control and the graphics. It doesn't add anything to the game either.

I think I'm mostly still in shock over how poor this game is. I expected quite a bit, only to get a dissapointing title on an increasingly dissapointing system.

Overall Score: 3/10, and I feel generous about that...