I'm Stuck In a Wall.....

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Basically after playing this game from the launch date. I tried to play it yesterday, for some reason after the game saved at a trading port (on a planet) and I turned it off, when I tried to play again, yesterday, was stuck inside the landing platform of the port. I tried to load the previous save but it had the same problem. I delete the game and installed it again, and it had the same problem. I can't even pull out my weapon. I think the game is treating me like I'm in an indoor area.

I also noticed that before I was gonna play the game (Sunday) I was told to install a new update for the game. If this the only remedy for my issue is to restart the game from the beginning, I'm gonna have to say I'm done with this game. It's not worth the restart.

Anyone else face a similar problem? Anyone have a solution?