Go Dotty!

User Rating: 8.9 | Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends DS
It's Nintendogs, however, you get a Dalmatian, and a few More accessories avaliable to you without having to buy or unlock them.

If you havent got nintendogs, get this as it has a more varied choice of dogs.
Apart from that, read other reviews on nintendogs' other versions and that is what you get, except with the obvious Dalmatian character...

I thought a Dalmatian was already in the other versions though... Well, i guess it was inevitable to cash in on the black/white ds lites somehow... with a Dalmatian and it's most popular game series in years!

One thing which would of been nice is to download new content..via wi-fi.
Heres hoping nintendo release a memory pack device which can insert into the gba slot, that way you would be able to have somewhere to store wi-fi content onto.
Sounds good? I only hope Nintendo can take the advantage of having TWO slots avaliable.