Just like the other before it, cute and simple.

User Rating: 7 | Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends DS
Interesting game that allows you to fully use your ds system.

Cute dogs, but with somewhat limited breeds.

Easy to train dogs with a very picky voice recognition program... you had to sit there and use the same bored tone to actually get the dog to listen.

Items in the game were always neat to play around with! Take the dogs on a walk to get special items like A Mario cart and airplane.
Was always fun to watch your dogs reaction when you played music or threw a ball that startled it.

Game did a good job on the dog competitions. Hard at times, with the guided competition using the stylus, but can be overlooked. The disc and obedience were fun, with the disc having to be the best.

Personalities of the dogs were consistent and cute to watch with reactions with nps dogs and your own.

The game did lack though. With having two Nintendog games I can fairly say that they lack new things to do. Its just that same thing... Sit,stay, eat, bathe, walk and competitions. No story line or unlockable content.

I liked the game due to its uniqueness and it kept my attention long enough that I played it to its maximum potential. Unfortunately you either erase it a few times or just get bored with it.

Its a game you might want to consider but when you first buy that Ds or Dsi don't get this as your first game on it... you'll definitely get bored in about a week.