An innovative, Ambitious and well made game. Nintendogs shows us what the Nintendo DS can be more than capable of.

User Rating: 9 | Nintendogs: Miniature Dachshund & Friends DS
Release Date: September 2005
My Overall Score: 9.0 out of 10
Created by Nintendo

The Good:
Rated E so that everyone can enjoy it; many things to achieve and the ability to trade items and interact with other players; fairly realistic; good graphics and interaction with dogs; console's built in microphone put to good use; multiple editions to chose from such as Daschund and friends, Chihuahua and friends and Labrador and friends, realistic sounds

The Bad:
No real plot in game making it boring and repetitive after a certain period of time; limited freedom with dogs [but not too limited!]; certain points of game could be more realistic, such as the dog walking or tricks; could be more dog breeds; only for Nintendo DS console

Nintendogs has multiple editions with different dogs so that you can choose the one that is best for you. It also has a few different competitions for you to choose from, such as the agility contest and the disc throwing contest. Nintendogs also takes full advantage of the Nintendo's built in microphone, the built-in clock and the touch-screen making it a bit more fun and realistic. The multi-player stuff in this game is pretty lame due to the fact that all you do is trade dog breeds with other editions that other people have. There is one catch to this though, if you want a dog breed that you can't get in your edition you can just trade breeds if someone else has the edition with that dog breed.

Because the game has no serious plot except for keeping your dog healthy so it won't run away, the game may seem a bit pointless. But if you are a serious dog person like me it may seem a bit more fun. To get the full potential of this game you will have to play it for a long time because the amount of stuff you can do is limited because the Nintendo DS's clock makes it so you an only do 3 competitions a day. If you are looking for a fast paced action game this game is not for you, but if you just want a laid back fun lighthearted game, this is for you.

Review by: capital_rpg