No one will ever forget Nintendogs, the game where we can have the dogs that our parents wouldn't let us have.

User Rating: 8 | Nintendogs: Miniature Dachshund & Friends DS
Nintendogs is just plain fun, and for those that don't have the privilege to have a "real" dog, it becomes an unforgettable experience.
After you choose your ideal, first puppy, its time to explore the small, but cute world of Nintendogs. Its basically a "you" experience. The game revolves around you, and you, and your dog. It's a very egocentric game, and for those who love their bellybuttons, it's the best game a DS owner could have.
Don't expect a very produced game, with a lot of detail, because this isn't what you're looking for. Actually, Nintendogs' simplicity is its biggest catch.
Feeding and cleaning your dog is your main preocupation. Your puppy will survive without playing with you or going out in a walk, actually, it will survive no matter what.
A good factor in the game is the large amount of items you can find in your ocasional walks, or changing them with your friends, via wireless. The competitions are good, almost hard at certain levels, specially the obedience competition, that doesn't work for most players because of the lack of sensibility in the console's mic.
Although its a egocentric game, you'll never forget your pets, who are, indeed, well trained, faithful and cute, being puppys that never grow up.
Anyone, even the stone-hearted will feel specially attached to this game that melts everyone.