Not worth the time or the money. I love dogs but this game is so boring the cute puppies couldn't even save it.

User Rating: 3.5 | Nintendogs: Lab & Friends DS
I thought this game would be great. I love dogs and own one. This game looked like it would be something I would love. After a week it went back to the store. The microphone doesn't work unless you say something the EXACT same way every time. There were times I had to repeat the commands so much it made my voice hoarse. If you have a dog don't get this game. Even if you like dogs I wouldn't get this game. The game play is repetitive and becomes more work than fun. The contests were fun for awhile until you got a couple of dogs to the championship and there was nothing else to do but repeat it over and over. The obedience classes were pointless because again you had to use the microphone to give the commands. It would have been better to have an option of saying the command OR hitting a button which would say the command to the dog. But even that wouldn't have made up for the fact that there wasn't anything to keep you hooked on the game. Once you got to a certain point there was nothing else to do with the dog but repeat the same contests over. Of course you could always buy another dog and do the same training all over again (which is still repetitive). At the end of the week of play I already had 4 dogs in the championship of agility and disc. I don't see how it could be interesting to play for longer. Overall this game does not deserve a 9 rating and definitely not worth the $35. Now that I have played it I wouldn't even pay $10 for it. I'm glad I traded it in to get a much better game.