Good at start, but boring in the end

User Rating: 9 | Nintendogs: Lab & Friends DS
Nintendogs: Labrador and friends is a really good game.

Most of all, it is a life simulator for puppies. It features caring for your puppy, taking it out for a walk, training it and many more things.

The game itself doesn't have any goals to accomplish but it is a "good endless game". What I mean is, that it may never end, but it is a quality game. It has many breed, starting at Labrador retriever and ending at chihuahua. Every day you must care for your puppy. The care includes: washing it, brushing it, feeding it, giving it water and playing with it.

Also, you must train your dog for some competitions that include: freesby throwing, obedience trials and obstacle courses. In order to train your dog, you must do the trick with your stylous and then speak the trick to the microphone.

Sadly, the game doesn't have any multiplayer

This game is recommended to all people.